Ground Cover

Ground Cover (per running feet) – 4’
Ground Cover (per running feet) – 10’
Ground Cover (per running feet) – 12’


Organics Products

ASB Organic Flower and Vegetable Soil 30L
ASB Garden Manure 15kg
ProGrow Organic Bumper Crop

Gaia Green All Purpose Fertilizer Slow Release 4-4-4 2kg or 10kg

Cover Crop Seeds


Lawn Seed Green Velvet – Sun & ShadeLawn Seed Green Velvet – Sun & Shade – 55lb bag

Lawn Seed Green Fast – SunLawn Seed Green Fast – Sun – 55lb bag


Fall Rye


White Clover


Mulch & Decorative Brick

Red Cedar Mulch
Bark Mulch
Decorative Red Brick 18kg​

Our Greenhouses offers :

Limestone – Powdered 18 kg
Limestone – Powdered 40 kg
Limestone – Pelletized

Flower and Plant Soil
Grower Mix – Loose Regular 80L
Grower Mix – Loose With Perlite 80L
Grower Mix – 3.8 cu.ft. Bale Compressed – No Perlite
Grower Mix – 3.8 cu.ft. Bale Compressed – With Perlite
Professional Mix – Loose 80L Black Bags with Perlite & Vermiculite
Professional Mix – 3.8 cu.ft. Black Bale Compressed with Perlite & Vermiculite

Sheep Manure 18kg
Cow Manure 18kg
Black Earth 30L
Top Soil 30L

Peat Moss – 2.2 cu.ft. compressed
Peat Moss – 3.8 cu.ft. compressed

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