Organic products are available at our Greenhouses!

Suttons Organic Vegetables (Organic Seeds)

(Organic Farmers & Growers GB Organic Certification 2)


Beetroot (Detroit 2)

Broccoli (Green-Sprouting)

Courgette (Black Beauty)

Cress (Sprint)

Cabbage (Derby Day)

Carrot (F1 Flyaway & Nantes 2 Mars)

Cucumber (Marketmore/outdoor)

Cos Lettuce (Parris Island)

Lettuce (Salad Bowl)

Salad Onion (Ramrod)

Radish (Saxa 2)

Rocket (Salad)

Spinach (F1 Palco)

Tomato (Beefsteak, Red Cherry and Moneymaker)


Sweet Basil



Parsley (Moss Curled 2)


Combo Packs

Basil (Sweet), Coriander (Jantar) & Parsley (Grune Perle)

Radish (Saxa 2), Onion (Ramrod) & Lettuce (Ice King)


For the organic Gardeners


Earthworm Castings 1-1-1 by Growing Green 3, 6 or 15L

(Inspected & Approved by Ecocert Canada)


Organic Flower & Vegetable Soil by Greenworld 30L

(Approved by Pro-Cert Organic Systems)


Organic Garden Manure 1-2-1 by Greenworld 15kg

(Approved by Pro-Cert Organic Systems)


All Purpose Fertilizer 4-4-4 by Gaia Green for Organic Growing 2, 10 or 20 kg

(Permitted for Organic Culture/Québec Vrai)


Diatomaceous Earth by SeaLife SeaPlants


SeaBoost 0.1-0.1-2 by SeaLife SeaPlants 250mL, 500 mL, 1L or 4L


Sea Meal by SeaLife SeaPlants 5L


Professional Mix All Organic Compost by PG


Storm-cast Composted Seaweed 2-0-1 by Bear Cove Resources 18kg

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